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Sister Mary McCann

Profiled in April 2003Mary_Mccann

At the time I was thinking of entering religious life in 1965, the main work of the Sisters of St Joseph was teaching. That suited me fine as I had trained as a teacher in the late 1950’s at Wellington Teachers College. What I was not totally sure about was: Is this the life for me? Part of me said: Yes, this is what is deep down inside, what I have always felt is right for me. Part of me said: I am not sure…there is so much life to live.

And so knowing, and not knowing, I entered. That I am here over 30 years later speaks for itself.

For me it has been, and still is, a journey of discovery and growth. Discovering my own gifts, the gifts of others, the richness in all of life, the part that each of us plays in contributing to love in the world and in and through all of this is the mystery we call God.

I continued my teaching in the classroom, later with responsibility as a principal something I would never have aspired to! Ongoing study with opportunity for overseas study followed, years in adult education on the Hawkes Bay Pastoral Team, which I found both challenging and stimulating. Now I am involved in retreat work and companioning people in their faith journey. Spiritual direction we call it. It is a cumbersome name (and a bit misleading) for enabling people to listen to the call of their own journey. This work is both a privilege and an inspiration.

To me two significant threads of life are about seeking and discovering, and they’re woven through the ordinary events and activities of our everyday lives. My work now allows me to see this happening in the lives of others as well as my own.

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