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10th Anniversary Celebrations (February 2008)

On Sunday February 3rd 2008 a large gathering of residents, family and friends gathered to celebrate the first 10 years of Quinlan Court, which opened on 14 February 1998. The afternoon began with time to remember, and Sr Catherine Shelton of the Congregation Trust Board introduced several who had been associated with the project since its inception.
Mrs Betty Bourke and Sr Helen Doyle spoke of their experiences on the building group which brought the idea to a reality.
Mr Mark Southcombe, the architect, related his experiences of listening to the original building group’s ideas and hopes, and providing the plans for a building which he was delighted to see worked well for those living there.
Various present and past residents shared their memories – including the singing of an ode of memories.
A light-hearted moment featured the entrance of ‘Sister Hyacinth Quinlan’ after whom the Complex was named. Hyacinth Quinlan was one of the original sisters to arrive in Whanganui in 1880. The afternoon concluded with afternoon tea, and all were invited by Manager Mrs Maureen Baird to view the complex, as well as the photo displays prepared for the occasion.


Photo shows Manager Mrs Maureen Baird addressing the gathering, accompanied by Sr Helen Doyle and Mrs Betty Bourke - ‘Sr Hyacinth Quinlan’ in the background. 

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