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A new look! May 2013

For some weeks over summer the residents and staff of Quinlan Court have been watching the Main Lounge and Visitors’ room take on new shapes and colours.  Doors and walls have been moved and replaced, a small breakfast bar installed and a new décor has brightened up the changes.  Now the Visitor’s Room is a self-contained area for those staying and does not impinge on the activities of the remainder of the residents’ units.


Changing the placement of the main door into the lounge and widening it has given a spacious and inviting entrance to what is a very comfortable and welcoming space.


The smaller lounge has now been opened up as an enlarged dining room space, and this has become a very attractive area with plenty of room between tables.

Residents’ comments mention the improvement that more space and smaller new tables have made.  They appreciate the brighter rooms which are so much more comfortable.  Groups are now able to hold meetings in the lounge and have a cup of tea without disturbing the kitchen.  Guests using the Guest room are now independent of the rest of the House as they have access to a small breakfast bar area.

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